Finding Your Purpose

YOUR PURPOSE is what is going to truly set you apart. What is it that makes YOU different than anyone else in this business?
FIRST, you’ve got to channel that purpose, and one of the best ways to channel that, it through Personal Development. 

 I want you all to make it your MISSION to get in touch with your PURPOSE. Yes, you have a WHY… you have a reason that got you right here to this point in your life and business, but your PURPOSE is what is going to carry you through the rest of the way, so that you can turn your DREAMS into REALITY. There is NO SUCH THING as dreaming too big. Today, we’d like you to check out this webinar by Scottie Hobbs on FINDING YOUR PURPOSE. It's one of my VERY favorite webinars, Scottie hits the nail on the head with this one, and we’d love to hear what really stood out to you about what he talks about! Take notes & put them in your coach binder! 


Changing Limiting Beliefs

I got to listen to both of these speakers at a Personal Development event in Idaho and both have greatly impacted my life. Brigitte is one of my biggest role models and it was tragic to hear about the ice skating accident with her daughter. I LOVE the way she tells her story and love the message she is sharing!!