What is Emerald?

Emerald is your first big milestone in this business and such an exiting accomplishment. Being an Emerald Coach means you have signed up two coaches (one of your left side, and one on your right side). This is your first step on the leadership ladder! I cannot wait for you ALL to be EMERALD! It was the first step that truly got my business going and gave me the confidence and momentum I needed to push to DIAMOND!

How to get to Emerald:

Some people quickly turn to family, asking their hubby or best friend to sign up so you quickly become eligible for free customer leads. If and when you DO decide to go that route, and as you sign on more coaches to your team, you can allow one or both of those first 2 coaches to go inactive, or keep Shakeology samples just under your spouse {great idea to 1. Keep him “active”, and 2. To have samples on hand for Shakeology challenges, etc.} Another option for those first two coaches is to cancel the Shakeology HD, and keep a “Core Nutrition Pack” of vitamins on HD under that coach account, which is exactly 50pv, and much less pricey than Shakeo.

Another way to become emerald is to sign up two of your current customers who are already enjoying Shakeology. As a coach, they will receive 25% off all products and programs, including Shakeology ($97 instead of $129) and can earn 25% back from any orders placed under them. If you have someone who is rocking it out in your challenge group, invite them to learn about coaching  and enjoy the discount & commission while they share their journey and inspire others as a coach. (More on sharing the Coaching Opportunity later!)

Why is Emerald so Important?

When I was a BRAND NEW coach myself, I knew what this elusive “Emerald rank” was, and I understood HOW to make that happen {sign up 2 active coaches on each of my legs, and I’m Emerald!} But I didn’t really understand the importance of WHY I should make that first rank happen as quickly as possible. And why it makes sense to make an investment for your business. Here are the main reasons why becoming an Emerald Coach is so important:

--Receive Team Cycle Bonuses

--Qualify for free customer leads (Beachbody will GIVE you new customers!)

--Begin building your Dream Team

Here is a link to a website with TONS of information for coaches on WHY we want to achieve this rank quickly! http://www.emeraldcostanalysis.com
Reading that article alone changed my entire understanding and perspective of what it meant to be an Emerald coach, and WHY I absolutely needed to make it happen immediately for myself. To me, there was no question. Please check this out, and let me know what you think!