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Are you ready to unleash your inner Super Hero and Transform your Life?

Hi, my name is Kirsti (rhymes with thirsty) and I would love to be your TRANSFORMATION COACH! I have 6 years of experience as a health coach helping my clients and challengers to create healthy habits and learn to love their bodies. And in the process of true transformation, there's one vital piece that I have learned to be essential. It goes beyond a mindset shift. It's a whole body; integrated being; powerful internal transformation. 

I really believe that when you change on the inside, every other part of your life begins to change too. Your body, your self esteem, your relationships, your perspective on life, your leadership skills, your income, and your ability to help others. I could go on and on!

I remember standing in my kitchen, suffering from post-partum depression after giving birth to our 3rd baby- a beautiful healthy, sweet little girl. I shouldn't be having these feelings. I shouldn't be unhappy. Why can't I just fix this? The journey from depressed and overwhelmed to empowered and confident has been incredibly powerful. It has taken me from being a victim of my feelings to a place where I am now living a richer, deeper life and helping hundreds of women do the same. As a certified Master Life Coach, I am passionate about helping people to find more joy and freedom in their lives, and to bust many of the lifestyle myths that have you chasing perfection. I am so thrilled to share these tools that make this possible!

It’s time to find your power within…

to become the hero of your own life!

This monthly membership will take everything you know about self improvement and expand it to a whole new level of progression.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of the Super Life Club:

  • Go from being discouraged and overwhelmed with your daily life to being confidently at peace with your journey

  • Learn to think outside of the box, become an innovator and discover your unconscious being is serving you more than you know

  • Create clarity in your life and map out your goals in small doable chunks so you can experience more fulfillment and success

  • Stop being a victim of your feelings and learn a powerful process to unleash your full potential

  • Learn how to lead, as a parent and as a role model in your realm with empowerment and empathy

  • Discover what self love really feels like instead of trying and failing to just love yourself

  • Uncover the surprising reasons why you're stuck and learn how value based living creates total freedom

  • Avoid burnout and learn how to wake up fresh and excited for life

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3 Pillars of Transformation

What you get each month:

  • Live access to monthly webinars in a virtual class taught by Master Life Coach Kirsti Clark

  • Monthly workbook to follow along and participate in weekly assignments to implement each topic

  • Ongoing access to webinars and workshops if you can’t attend live or want to watch the replay

  • 1-1 (45 minute) call with private coaching for personal guidance, questions and personalized mentorship

  • Daily support in private facebook group with Bonus videos and content weekly


  • 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Stay Healthy & Happy

  • 7 Day Healthy Families Meal Plan

  • Rock your Side Gig- Biz Plan

  • Confidence is your Super Power

  • 5 Tips for Picky Eaters

Become the hero in your own story. Enroll here:

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Happy Super Lifers:

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“Kirsti helped me go from aimlessly working on my goals, to having a plan, changing my mindset, and living in my values as I grow”


“I was about to be a single mom of four kids and that was terrifying to me. I didn’t want to be a victim of my circumstances and I refused to become the status quo of a single mom, struggling to keep my head above water both financially and emotionally. I stumbled across Kirsti and I knew I wanted what she had to offer. I wanted the power to take control of my life and to live it joyfully. She gave me that power, confidence in myself, and tools that I use daily to reach my goals. My dreams are no longer lofty and unobtainable, they are within reach and I know I can achieve them!”


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My 5 Commitments to YOU:

  1. I promise to EMPOWER you to step into your own strength to create rapid growth & movement toward your goals! Let's do it!

  2. I promise to show up AUTHENTIC and real. Vulnerability is power!

  3. I promise to create a SAFE place in our private online group and in our mentorship calls and will provide SUPPORT to you as needed.

  4. I promise to be here as your MENTOR, to share my insights and coaching with you in a way to uplift & encourage all participants.

  5. I promise to demonstrate EMPATHY as we work through the exercises, to show compassion and love at all levels of growth.



As soon as you join the Super Life Club, you will gain access to the Membership Portal where the archived bonuses can be found!

  1. Word of the Year Webinar & PDF

  2. Confidence is your Super Power Webinar & PDF

  3. Mom Boss Mastermind- Contribution Webinar & Rock your side gig Marketing PDF

May’s topic: Motherhood and handling big emotions in your family!

  • BONUS PDF: 5 Tips for picky eaters

  • BONUS PDF: Meltdown Master quick access refridgerator chart

June’s topic: Developing Daily Habits of Success- Time Management & Building your Castle

  • BONUS PDF: First 5//Last 5

  • BONUS PDF: Daily Gratitude Journaling Sheet

July’s topic: Body & Self Love- Rock that Mom Bod

  • BONUS PDF: Busy Mom’s Guide to staying healthy & happy