Here are the stories of some of the other women in our Super Fit Challenge Group.
We are a group of super motivated, super determined, and super excited women ready to reach our goals together. We provide daily encouragement, fitness tips, healthy recipes and amazing results... see for yourself!

This is Jeanna.

Her reason for becoming healthier is so real for us mommies. It's so easy to fall into excuse mode as a mom because there are so many things that need to get done each day just to keep other humans alive, and sometimes we forget to help ourselves. But Jeanna posted something so brilliant in our challenge group and I wanted to share with you all:

"I’ve been on a journey over the past couple of years to better myself. I needed to be in good shape before my pregnancy because I wanted to lose the baby weight with ease... Since {having my son} I have put myself on hold to take care of my new baby. I realized that in order for me to take care of my baby, I need to be taking care of myself. For extra motivation and accountability I joined this challenge group for 21 days drinking and started Shakeology... The photos below are 10 days apart...a difference of 5lbs and 10inches overall! I don't usually post photos like this.. but hopefully it will inspire one of you to go for your goals as well!!"

Meet Denise:

She is my good friend from Jr. High & High School. She messaged me one day and said she was serious about her health and
ready to lose weight and feel better about herself after a break up, and lifestyle change. 
In one week, she lost 2.5 pounds & 3 inches and has been on fire with her workouts & eating plan.

This is Kira:

She's been one of our challenge group winners!

"I am so excited to share this with you! After only 21 days I am down 5 pounds and 9 3/4 inches.
I have more energy, am more flexible and have noticed a lot less cravings. It is amazing what only 21 days can do. I am excited to see where I am in another 3 weeks!" --Kira

Once again, my favorite part of the job... seeing lives change, confidence grow and good habits emerge!

Meet Dana:

After 3 kids and some rough times, she decided to start taking time for herself. As a mom, I know sometimes we get in a rut thinking we have to spend all our time, thoughts, energy and money on the kids... like we feel guilty if we don't, right?! BUT I have learned through this process that the BEST thing we can do for our family is to stop and take some time for ourselves each day. As we do this, we actually have MORE to give others. So I was so impressed when Dana decided to buy herself a new workout program for Mother's Day! 

She is now 2 weeks into this program and loving it! She is working on eating healthy, enjoying a nutritious shake each day, and loving the accountability & support of our group. Congratulations Dana, you are such an inspiration to me & so many others!

This is Jeanine:

She's a teacher and mother of 2 young kids.  This lady has been tearing it up and really getting amazing results. She has been enjoying the motivation & accountability of our group and has been motivating us with her great example! So far Jeanine has lost 43 lbs since February when she started her 25 minutes a day workout program and drinking Shakeology-- see you don't have to spend hours at the gym, just consistently spending 25 minutes a day and eating healthy makes a huge difference! She is also along eating smaller portions, healthy foods and changed a lot of the foods she brings into their house. One thing that really stood out to me is that she has been using her 10 month old's 5am wake ups as an opportunity to work out as opposed to dwelling on the fact that she not getting more sleep. That's a smart use of time!! Just shows what a positive attitude can do for you!!

Here's what she said about the picture below: 
"I love this picture because I now feel confident and comfortable in the clothes I wear. I can focus on my kids and enjoying the moment instead of focusing on how insecure I used to feel in public. I workout so I can rock any outfit I want :)"

Here is Natalia:

She has had AMAZING results from our last challenge group! I am so proud of Natalie and the effort she has put into her health. I love that she has a deep "why" and reason to reach her goals. Hash-tagged on all her posts is#all4maxton because she knows that as we take time for ourselves, as mothers we are stronger, happier and healthier moms.
Natalia has been eating clean, working out daily and providing tons of support to our online group. 

Meet Amber:

She's a busy mom of 2 young kids who has been doing such a great job eating clean, controlling her portion sizes, working out each day, and not only is she reaching her fitness goals, but helps to motivate others in the process!! She has been a huge asset to our challenge group and I'm so glad that you made the decision & leap of faith with us! I'm so proud of you and so excited to continue to watch your journey, Amber! We are gearing up for round 2 if anyone wants to join us. Let me tell you- a LOT can happen in 21 days! 

This is Mary:

She has been a perfect example of why you can't just look at the numbers on the scale to gauge your success. She says,

"The scale hasn't gone down that much since day 1 but I have been losing inches. The biggest change for me is that I actually want to work out!! Yesterday when I wasn't feeling good I wanted to work out but I didn't want to make myself feel worse. I cannot believe I actually worked out everyday and the days I miss I make up for the next day by doing a double. ***I went from a coach potato to a work out lover and I'm so proud of myself. Thank you ladies for being such amazing motivators!!!! I don't think I would have kept up without you guys!!!"

Seriously Mary, you rock! I LOVE our challenge group & the changes we make that help us to be better, healthier, happier people!

This is Stacey:

I just have to show you one of my newest team member's results! Stacey lost 13 inches and 12.6 pounds in our 30 day challenge! There is no quick fix when it comes to your health or weight loss. It takes daily consistency and dedication. I'm so proud of Stacey because she set a goal and WORKED HARD to get there! She checked in with our group daily, provided motivation, changed her habits and GOT RESULTS! So excited for our next round!

{30 days later...}
So so so excited to congratulate Stacey Bruncati for another win in our Challenge Group! This is her second month and she has lost over 20 lbs and 24 inches. Not only is she working hard and seeing results but she is motivating and inspiring EVERYONE else in our group! You rock girl!

One thing that ALL these women have in common is that they didn't give up! They worked hard, put in the time, took before & after pictures, reported in our group and all had success. If you are ready to do what it takes to become healthier, click below to choose your challenge pack!

Meet Juliana:

Juliana has been in our challenge group for over a year now, and seeing her transformation has been such a joy! She started out quite reserved and in her shell and now she is actively helping others with motivational quotes, sharing healthy recipes and fitness tips.

Juliana is a 39 year old working mom and wife. She is a recovering drug addict and has also suffered from depression starting at a very young age. At her heaviest, she was close 200 pounds and addicted to sugar and fast food. NOW she is drug free, happier than ever, and an amazing example of living a healthy lifestyle!

If you ask Juliana what made the biggest difference, she'll tell you that it was having the accountability of our group! She learned about meal planning and what foods are good for your body instead of relying on fast food and packaged meals. Now she cooks healthy meals for her family and is ending a trend by bettering herself everyday, being an example to her co-workers, friends and children, and helping others with their fitness journey.

Time for YOUR Transformation Story!!

One thing that ALL these women have in common is that they didn't give up! They worked hard, put in the time, took before & after pictures, reported in our group and all had success. If you are ready to do what it takes to become healthier, click below to choose your challenge pack!

Questions? Not sure which program is right for you? Want to discuss your goals first? I'm here for you!