What is Success Club?

It's an awesome reward program that Beachbody has created for their coaches! Not only do we feel amazing for helping our friends and family get fit, but we get paid in money, AND they send us awesome prizes like Bobble-heads, t-shirts, workout gear & equipment, personal development books... AND we can earn a free trip each year for consistently reaching Success Club 5 each month.

How do I earn Success Club points?

  • 1 point for each Shakeology HD (Home Direct) Order
  • 2 points for each Challenge Pack order

Home Direct: When someone is considering ordering Shakeology, I tell them that they can get super saver $2 shipping by ordering HD. This means it will auto-ship each to their door each month. They can adjust their ship dates by calling in to cancel, postone or pause their next shipment at any time. They will be saving $13 by ordering HD!

Challenge Packs: A challenge pack is a special discounted package of both Shakeology and a workout program. Usually they will get a free DVD or a resistance band in the challenge pack as well. Some challenge packs are $140 which means they can get a workout program for just $10 more than Shakeology!! With a challenge pack, your customer has everything they need to be successful.

Fitness (Workout Program) + Nutrition (Shakeology & Meal Plan) + Support (from our awesome Challenge Group) = Success!!

Watch this video to find out more!