Social Media

Biggest thing to remember…YOU are your greatest brand! We are not just Beachbody coaches and we do not just PUSH products. We own our own health and fitness businesses so we have so much more to offer than just Beachbody products so brand YOU and share YOUR journey, build relationships with people and post things that help you ENGAGE and have conversation with your friends/followers. Stay consistent with at least posting 2-3 times a day. This is SO important because Facebook has something called “affinity” so if you aren’t posting much Facebook marks your posts as NOT important so it won’t make it to the newsfeed much. Here are some important tips to follow and then watch the video below for some AMAZING strategies!! 


Facebook is a great way to show your friends and family what you're all about! You should be posting 3X each day, and one of those 3 times should be something related to fitness or health- recipes, workouts, shakeology... get creative! Take a picture of your workout gear, shoes, post a video of yourself doing a workout, post a picture of Shakeology and why you love it, share with others WHY you have fitness goals, post about your progress and share your experiences with others. You do NOT need to be at your goal weight or have a "perfect" body to be a good coach! It's all about sharing what you're doing and inspiring others along your journey!

When you are ready, you can create a facebook "like" page and post motivational images, healthy recipes and snacks and anything else that interests you. This is a great way for your friends & family to share your journey and spread the word. It also makes you look "official" and you can run fb ads and promote your posts to get more exposure. You can even do a FREE Offer to share Shakeology with people if they get 2 friends to like your page.
Be creative with your posts to get your audience (who obviously loves you and your posts) to help you out!

Promote your post on Facebook-this is a way to get people you don’t know to like your page….but then its up to YOU to message those new likes with something like “Hey___! I saw you liked my like page….so I thought I’d message you and say thanks. Are you into nutrition/fitness as well?” (Yes, this costs $ but its SO WORTH IT to reach out to more people and make that potential sale!)

Use other social networking sites!

Instagram: Use hashtags on your pics to bring people to YOUR pics/follow you. SEARCH other hashtags. Block out some time and just search! I did this last night and already found 3 prospects from ‘carbcycling’ and “homeworkouts_4u” or other accounts that do shout outs for fitness people

Pinterest: Link your pictures to your LIKE page. You can insert your page link to the pics you put up so when people click they get sent to your FB LIKE page!

Twitter: There’s still a ton of people on twitter and this is an area a lot of coaches miss out on! If you don’t want to actively use Twitter you can always set up your Instagram to cross-post your IG posts to your Twitter account! Something is better than nothing! 

Blogging: Start up a blog to pull in new people! Share recipes, quick workouts, Beachbody info, etc!

YouTube: If you’re good on camera USE THIS AVENUE!

Social Media Training:

Watch this video from Jenn Richardson about Social Media. I LOVE following Jenn and enjoy her posts!