What is Shakeology?

This is how I explain what it is:

Shakeology is a super healthy meal replacement shake that contains 9 servings of vegetables and superfoods from all over the world!  It helps with healthy weight loss, improves digestion, curbs cravings, lowers cholesterol, detoxifies and helps your body function at its best. (Then I say how it has helped me personally.) I love the extra energy I have when I drink my shake, and my chronic stomach aches have disappeared. I also love that I can get my chocolate "fix" in each day without feeling guilty!

What's in Shakeology?

First of all, it's totally natural and made up of over 70 superfoods, and gives you your daily recommended dose of fruit & vegetables in one serving! 

Here's a great video I love to show that explains about the superfood ingredients and helps potential customers understand why its so good for you!

Direct Link: https://youtu.be/me15POjiEnE?list=PLKjYtJFAWE7rgVjatxBzeYwuMwNRfGjww

How much is Shakeology?

After giving them all this information, and they ask how much Shakeology is, I tell them it is $129 for a full month's supply. You can explain to them that although this may seem like a lot, it breaks down to $4 per shake, which is a great price for a quick, easy and super healthy meal!

If you sign up for HD delivery option, you get discounted $2 shipping and will have it delivered to your doorstep each month! you can always modify or adjust your order, flavors, and ship dates!

Your flavor options are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry or 2 vegan (dairy free/whey free) options: chocolate & tropical strawberry. Tell them your favorite flavor and if they'd like a free sample. I also like to offer 7 days worth for $35 so they can try a few different flavors and really SEE how it makes them feel!

If they are interested in reading more info or ready to purchase, give them your link: 

www.shakeology.com/yourusername and here is a link to a list of ingredients in Shakeo and their benefits! 


How to Create Loyal Shakeology Customers

Watch this video to learn some great strategies about how to share Shakeology and create loyal customers!