The Power of an Hour:

What is a Power Hour?

Remember how I told you that I have been able to earn a FULL TIME income in just an hour a day, working from home? That's because I have established a system where I set aside an hour a day to work my business. I follow a list and check things off, and work smarter, not harder!

It's all about power hour! Watch this awesome video from Stephanie Chico about power hour & daily tasks. Take notes & make yourself a POWER HOUR to do list and post a picture of it in our Super Fit Coach Squad page. 


My Power Hour TO DO List:

1. Read/Listen to something inspirational or empowering (Self Development/Scripture Study)

2. Answer Emails and Facebook posts from customers

3. Review Breaking Coach News in the Coach Online Office

4. Listen to a team call, archived National Wake Up Call, and/or attend a local event if applicable

5. Check in and post in private Challenge Group pages in Facebook ( I like to plan my posts for the week ahead of time so I just need to go on & publish them)

6. Call/Text/Email encouragement to someone I know (friend, customer, Coach, family member)

7. Post inspirational/engaging things on my Facebook page during the day (3 posts per day/1 fitness or health related)

Time to Create your Power Hour List!

Make yourself a Power Hour List. Write it out or type it up and put it where you will see it every day. Remember that small, consistent daily habits add up to a BIG impact! 

Be Consistent:

One of the BIGGEST tips I can give you, as you get SERIOUS about growing is that you MUST be consistent. Just like with your workouts, and your fitness goals, you will not get the results you want without putting in the effort. You can't expect to have a "6 pack" by working out twice a week. You'd work at that goal EVERY DAY, right? The same goes for your effort in your business.

Find a balance by scheduling your power hour at a time when you are not responsible for anything else. The kids are at school, or the baby is napping. Or maybe you need to get up an extra hour early to work your business before your day starts. The sacrifices you make now will help you create the life you've always wanted. COMMIT right now to posting on social media at least 2-3 times per time. If it's difficult for you to do that, consider timing your posts with hootsuite or buffer. I have also found it helpful to create a Power Hour for other daily tasks, like an hour to clean my house, an hour to get my workout in & shower, and hour for scripture study or personal development. When you block out your time in hour increments, you can be more effective at managing your time!

- Decide your method of keeping your to-do list, whether it's electronic or hard copy.
- Commit to making a daily to-do list over the next 30 days.

- Email me the method you have chosen and why.
- You should have read through chapter 1 of The Compound Effect.  Share with me your favorite thought from it so far.
- Start reading chapter 2 of The Compound Effect.