Overcoming Objections

Provide a Solution:
Tackle the problem, not the person. This means you don’t need to convince anyone, you need to provide a solution for their problem.

First, you must understand the problem. Sounds simple right? Most people miss this step and wonder why people don’t show any interest. So how do you do that? You ask!

Remember, you have solutions to the health and fitness struggles for most people. When you are talking with people either face-to-face or online, ask them what they are looking for in their health and fitness journey. THEN, explain how you can help based on their response.

Here are some questions you might want to try:
• What is your fitness goal?
• What are the challenges you foresee or have had in the past that have prevented you from reaching your goal?
• What have you tried in the past?
• Do you struggle with nutrition, physical activity, or both?
• How much time do you want to devote to your health each day?

What are some others you can come up with? Remember to ask more questions and listen for the response before you craft a response. Be a listener not a talker!

Today’s Challenge: Start a conversation with 5 new people today, asking questions to find out if they have health and fitness needs you could help provide an answer for.