Overcoming Objectives:

Are you hearing objections? Of course you are. So, let’s be real, everyone hears them regardless of how successful their business becomes. In fact, the most successful people are the ones who’ve received the most “no’s.” Weird to think about but SO TRUE!!

One of the differences between those who are successful and those who aren’t is that they’ve made it a priority to improve in their ability to overcome objections…and you do this by practicing and trying to overcome objections as you get them, not stopping when someone says “no.” 
Here’s the main point. If you get objections, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong…it just means that the person you're talking to doesn’t have enough information yet to make a positive decision. Look at getting an objection like just getting more information from the person that you can use to help them eventually make a positive decision. So, when you get an objection, stay positive! Ask them questions about their objection and show a sincere interest in helping them (note: avoid asking “yes”/“no” questions…you want them talking!). 
“What are the things you DO like about it?” “In what ways COULD it be a positive thing in your life?” “That’s interesting, can you share more with me why you have that concern?”

The Commitment Objections:

Most people you speak with who are looking to improve their fitness and overall health won’t be in the habit of finding time to work out and eat healthy. They’ll tell you that they feel incredibly busy and so while they know they need to do something to get healthy, they can feel unsure about their ability to fit it into their schedule. In short, they can be afraid to commit to the Challenge Group. 
If you get this concern, be very excited because everything about Beachbody is designed to help make fitness more convenient and effective for people in just this situation!

As with all objections, the first thing you need to do is relate to the customer, so they know you’re on their side and then ask questions. Here’s an example: Client “I think it sounds good, but between work and everything else in my life, there’s no way I could find the time to do it right now.” You [Relate to the client and then ask questions] • “Yeah, we could all use a few more hours in the day, right?!” • “I get it, most of my clients had the same exact concern when they got started. I appreciate you taking this so seriously, it makes me want to help you even more!” 
[Ask questions] a. “So, what would the right balance look like for you?” b. “Just to make sure we’re looking at this from all angles, let’s just say you decided to jump into the Challenge Group and had to find the time to do it, what would you have to do to get that time? Do you think the results would be worth it?”

[After asking questions, circle back to the invite] 1. “I know it may not be clear how you’ll find the time right now, but I can tell you that I’ve worked with a lot of people with the same concern and they’ve found the time and have told me what they gained was well worth it. And, they also found that it wasn’t as hard to make their health and fitness a priority as they thought it was, thanks to the Beachbody products and programs. Why not just go for it and join my Challenge Group!”

The Price Objections:

As you invite people to your Challenge Groups, one of the more common objections you’ll hear will be about price. Most of the people you will meet don’t currently allocate money in their budget to their health and fitness needs—that’s why they’re talking to you!

As you invite people to your Challenge Groups, one of the more common objections you’ll hear will be about price.
I think it really helps to break down the cost of Shakeology so they can see that it really isn't as steep as $129 sounds. Here's what I say:
"Shakeology is $129 for a 30 day supply. This will be your breakfasts or lunches every day during the challenge and will really fuel you with energy and superfoods. It breaks down to $4 per shake which is a great price for a healthy and super quick meal!!
The workout program we will be doing is on sale this month for just $10 more than the shakes! In this challenge pack you'll have everything you need to be successful to reach your goal of _____." 
(Help them fill in the blank- hopefully you have already discussed what their goals are. If not take a minute to ask them what THEY want to get out of this challenge. What are their health goals and what's their biggest struggle with nutrition? Asking the right questions at the beginning of the conversation will help you know how to direct the following conversations :)

Another thing you can talk about is the money back guarantee..
“I know it may not be easy to get started, but I can promise you that it’ll be worth it. Besides, the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you aren’t seeing the results you wanted, you can get your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain."
IF after asking more questions they are still objecting, let it go! say something like, "no worries, let me know if you change your mind" or "I understand lady, good luck with that test (or something from their personal life).
Personally, I never try to CONVINCE anyone. If they aren't ready or willing to pay the price or commit to the time, then they aren't really ready to make a change in my opinion. I give facts, answer questions, relate to them, but ultimately its up to them and what we have is a GREAT formula and it IS an incredible value. the more we are confident in that, the less desperate we come off! Don't just ignore the objection by any means, but play it cool :) and keep sharing, posting, following up, etc.