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I am SO EXCITED you’re committing to 100 workouts with me and truly transforming from the inside out! It's time for me to help you MELT so you can RISE UP!

Get ready to transform your morning, your body, your nutrition and your mind - in less than 30 minutes a day!

What I love about this opportunity is that along with going through this program with an incredible trainer, you are also going to be in my exclusive MORNING MELTDOWN VIRTUAL GYM! Having this community and support is where true transformation comes from and STICKS! This is not only about LOOKING better, but focusing on the INSIDE STUFF that comes within when you take time out of your day to do something FOR YOU. And I promise you're going to love the way you look and feel after we finish too!

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What is Morning Meltdown 100?

So what exactly is Morning Meltdown 100?! Let’s talk about the most exciting and unique program you’ll become COMPLETELY obsessed with!! MM100 is the first Beachbody program designed to be done in the morning, so you can head into your day feeling stronger and, along with the BE100 book, with the right intentions, too. ⁣

Commit to 100 workouts with us and trust that our girl Jericho will get you fired up to melt away fat and build your strongest body. Each fierce, fun, 20–30 minute workout features music mixed by a live DJ - DJ Jesse - who follows Jericho’s lead and drives the beats to match her intensity. The music is UNREAL!! SO⚡️MUCH⚡️FUN! It’ll feel like a party and give you the motivation, the energy, and the excitement you need to keep going. ⁣

All 100 workouts are UNIQUE and broken down into 5 phases of 20 workouts each. There are 10 different workout styles - 20 to 30 minutes each. In each phase, we’ll cycle through the 10 different styles and then in the second set of 10 workouts of that phase - we turn up the intensity with extra challenges that will create the change in your body & your mindset that you’re looking for. All you’ll need to rock this program is a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells —> oh, and you’ll definitely want some energize, too✨⁣

With 100 different workouts, not only will MM100 optimize your results and prevent training plateaus, but it will also help you avoid burnout and boredom.⁣

Plus, Jericho designed the program with your busy life in mind. The workouts are short enough to easily fit into your day and the schedule is flexible, so you can stay on-track even when life gets in the way cause let’s face it —> LIFE HAPPENS. ⁣

After all is said and done, it doesn’t matter how you get to 100 workouts — you just have to get there and we’ll do it together!⁣ And we’ll kick off the full program on July 29th!!


Who is Morning Meltdown 100 for? 
Literally EVERYONE who wants to unlock the very best version of yourself!! If you are someone that wants to really embrace healthier lifestyle habits and experience both physical and emotional results - then this is FOR YOU!⁣

While the workouts were created at an intermediate - advanced level, there are multiple modifiers in each workout and you can do the entire program low impact, without ever leaving the ground. Don’t let that rad pic of Jericho jumping scare you away! Even pregnant and post-partum mamas can rock this!⁣

The entire program can be as easy or as hard as you make it - it’s all about how you show up and the energy and effort you put forth. Just take a sec and imagine how incredible you’ll feel after you commit to your own journey and show up for yourself and complete your 100 workouts. Think of the physical progress you’ll make. The new habits you’ll have created for a lifelong journey towards better health and more happiness, the increased confidence you’ll feel!

I will be doing this program right along with you, and I can promise you will feel AMAZING and empowered to rock all the other goals you have for your life too! Are you ready to Be100? Be YOUR best self? Cuz we are ready to do this with you! ⁣

Watch the video below to see a little more about this awesome program and how you can join our test group for support, motivation, and accountability to crush your goals!!


Join our Test Group!!

In our exclusive challenge that starts on July 28th, we will follow the workout schedule each day (workouts range in 30-45 minutes long). I provide a meal plan with healthy recipes for meals and snacks, including my favorite ultra-healthy meal replacement shake! You'll receive TONS of support and encouragement to reach your goals as we post daily for accountability, assign you a success partner, and you'll earn prizes while you get fit! Everyone who finishes the program and turns in their before & after photos will earn a Morning Meltdown t-shirt or tank!! Super-cool, right??

So let’s get this journey started! Fill out this quick form below and I will be in touch with any questions I have after receiving your application so we can set up your cart and make sure you’re ready to rock! I can't wait to help you feel amazing!  We are going to be hosting a private test group exclusively for people who are ready to join our team during this program!

There will never ever be a perfect time to start your fitness and health transformation.  You literally just have to take that leap of faith, jump in with enthusiasm and go for it.  If you do not try, how will you ever know if you can succeed?! This just might be that one thing where everything comes together and just finally makes sense to you and your lifestyle. You will receive a ton of support and encouragement and ALL the tools you need to be successful! 

Building your Custom Challenge Pack…


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We're here to help you choose the right package so you can make the most out of your custom challenge pack!! You get everything you need to be successful and have the transformation you've always wanted! You've heard about the workout program and support from our test group... The nutrition program is incredible-- meal plans with 100 days of recipes. You also get a BE100 daily journal to track your progress and keep your mindset strong! Don’t forget about the 100 workouts wall calendar so you can cross off each workout as you get closer to your 100 goal! Online access of the workouts so you can do them anytime, anywhere. Fill out the application below so I can help you choose what supplements and nutritional products would be best for you!

Click to read MY Story with shakeology and WHY I drink it every single morning for improved digestion, increased energy, exponentiated nutrition and delicious chocolatey goodness!

Click to read MY Story with shakeology and WHY I drink it every single morning for improved digestion, increased energy, exponentiated nutrition and delicious chocolatey goodness!


Shakeology is full of nutrients and vitamins to help you have more energy, reduce cravings, and accelerate your fitness results. You have 7 flavors to choose from: Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Strawberry, Cafe Latte and 2 Vegan formulas: Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry



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