Diamond Mastermind

Join in with other Rockstar Diamond Beachbody Coaches who are ready to CRUSH their goals and increase rank!

In this 4 month mastermind, you will be able take your vision to the next level! STAR DIAMOND baby! As a lifetime 2 Star Diamond Coach, SC10 Allstar Legend,  and Certified Quickening Life & Leadership coach, I am so excited to bring you this new spin on Leadership Training! Talk about collaborative leadership- using the Masterheart Mastermind philosophy, we will come together as a group of leaders to collaborate and work side by side to conquer our goals!


This is a 4 month commitment because we all know it takes time to build a successful team and we want to create it the right way. Each month we will have one training meeting and 3 masterminds. Here are the details of the monthly themes below!!

MONTH 1: Share your WHY- what is it that fuels you as a Beachbody coach? Get super clear on what Star Diamond status means for YOU, and how to qualify for the Star Diamond bonus each quarter. Take a look at your team layout and get a step by step recruiting plan for rank advancement. Everyone will have an opportunity to be on the "heartseat" where we will all share tips and ideas to help you take your business to the next level.

MONTH 2:  CONFIDENCE is your SUPER POWER! We all have fears in business and in leadership- let's share what's holding us back and get really clear on the values you want to establish in your life, then create a daily empowerment statement that will become your new affirmation. You will learn how to create a daily First 5//Last 5 system to start and end your day with empowerment and belief in yourself! 

MONTH 3: Success is a TEAM Effort! Bring one of your coaches to the call this week as we discuss what leadership means, how to help your team of coaches step up as leaders and run a successful team page! We will talk about landing pages with training resources, team calls, you tube training videos, how to get new coaches started out right and how to work with your emerging leaders & performers!

MONTH 4: Mastering the Abundance MONEY Mindset: it's time to RELEASE blocks to financial abundance, SHIFT your mindset to open up the abundance and flow of money in your life, IDENTIFY unconscious beliefs around success & money, and CREATE wealth using your own natural talents & gifts! 

Because this is a mastermind, you not only get tips and resources from me, but from everyone on the call! We know that 2 heads are better than one... the new era of leadership is that 1+1=more than 2 because we are all coming in with what we have been taught and a unique set of experiences and talents. 

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