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Picture yourself living your dream job with your own hours, doing something you are passionate about, while helping your friends create a better life. You are able to work from home on your own schedule, allowing yourself the ability to adjust accordingly when life happens. You are making a full-time income in about an hour or two a day, by following a "power hour" list of items like messaging friends, taking creative pictures, posting inspiring stories, sharing your journey, and helping others to set goals. Sounds pretty good? Here's the inside scoop:

I provide training and the tools you need to be successful. I add you to a group of other men & women with the same goal of helping others live a healthier, happier lifestyle. We promote healthy living and proper nutrition, support and encourage others to reach their goals and change their lives in the process. 

I've learned that when we help other people live better, we receive those blessings as well. Here are just some of the ways my life has changed by being a coach:

1. Got my husband BACK

As my husband lost 85+ pounds, I watched him go from an unhappy and unproductive to energetic and successful. You can watch our family's transformation story here. People would say, "you have a new husband" but I would correct them with, "no, I got my husband BACK!" Seeing his transformation has fueled me to help other families get that as well.


2. Earn FREE prizes

Not only do we get paid for helping people, but we also get to earn awesome prizes each month... from t-shirts, and hats to bobble heads, game boards, and workout equipment, there's always an extra incentive for helping others live healthier lives!

3. Go on AMAZING trips around the world!

Beachbody provides all expense-paid trips every year for coaches who earn Success Club each month! We flew out to Disney World for an amazing trip with the family and enjoyed a couples-only trip to Cancun for an all-inclusive adventure on the beach! We explored Jamaica and the Bahamas on a gorgeous cruise ship and this next year, we head to the Dominican Republic for more amazing adventures!

4. Become DEBT free

You don't understand unless you've been here. Or maybe you are here... living month to month. Stressing about all the small stuff. Losing sleep over money issues. Now, Student Loans, Car bills, time share debt and Credit Card Loans have been paid off and we are working on saving up for a home to fit our growing family, build our savings accounts for the kids' school & mission funds, and enjoy financial security! 

5. Make new FRIENDS and learn how to stretch out of my comfort zone

This is one that I don't take lightly... the relationships I have made through coaching is priceless. I have an amazing network of like-minded women who have the same values and passions as I do. Being a coach has forced me to meet more people, experience more of the world, and have opportunities I never would have if it weren't for Beachbody. 


6. Became CONFIDENT in my own skin

After 3 kids and numerous abdominal surgeries, I just wanted to feel good in whatever outfit I want to wear. I've been able to help numerous women gain that same confidence back, and I believe when women are confident, we can do ANYTHING! This started with me just being willing to TRY and vulnerable enough to share my journey along the way.

7. Improve my self-perception and developed myself on the INSIDE

This is another thing I Love about Team Beachbody... we are encouraged to work on ourselves on the inside as well as on the outside. We provide training, team calls, personal development and seminars that will help you improve your whole life- not just your physical wellness. I have changed the way I view myself and have realized that I have a higher purpose to help other women achieve more out of life! Health and fitness is MORE than just working out. it's emotional, it's spiritual, it's mental... and focusing on making healthier choices can change your entire life. It has for us! Join our movement to spread happiness and health as we go forward on our journeys, helping others along the way!!

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