Invite. Invite. Invite

As Beachbody Coaches, we have amazing opportunities to help others get healthy and live happier lives. We have such a blessing and sometimes forget to share it with others. We should be inviting people into our Challenge Groups EVERY day!

Steps to invite someone to your challenge group:

1. Always build your relationship with friend or potential customer first!! Always end your message  with a question. It doesn't have to be fitness related yet, just find some common ground. Be more concerned about being interested in them rather than worrying about being interesting. Remove your agenda and spend more time listening.

2. When the topic of fitness comes up, or after you have re-established your relationship, send a quick invite/reach out with help...

"Hey, I am running a challenge group where we workout, eat clean, and provide motivation to reach your goals together... is this something you'd be interested in?" NOT salesy, no prices, just be genuine.

3. When they reply, ask about them & their goals. Where are you at now, how do you see yourself in the future? how is your nutrition on a scale from 1-10? what is your weakness?

4. Repeat their goals and struggles to help them realize they can reach their goals. Continue to find common ground. Lead them to their solutions. Narrow it to 2 or 3 different workout options and why you think they would be good for them. Attach a video from the back office and ask which one they think they could stick with.

5. Confirm that it's a great choice and how excited you are for them. Send them your link to purchase. {Make sure you have a system for tracking your names/conversations.. keep lists, add people and reconnect often}

6. Send instructions for how to sign up or call them to help them enroll. Make sure you end with a call to action, like...

"Send me a message back when you're set up and I'll add you to our fitness group"

Sample Conversation:

Just so you know, this conversation happened 10 months after Denise & I first re-connected on facebook. She was a friend from high school, and I messaged her as one of my 100 people right after I became a coach. We talked about life for a few days and then she asked about our group but said she couldn't afford anything extra. I said "no problem, I totally understand" and then asked how her parents were doing. Fast forward almost a year later and she requested to join one of my Shakeology 7 day challenges. But then she never replied to my message. Two months later, after I posted a group "flex friday" collage from our challenge group, she messaged me and said, "So what is involved in this challenge group you posted about? I don't have a lot of $$ to spend but I'd love to get even healthier and more fit." Here's our conversation!

Kirsti: "Hey Denise! Our challenge group is awesome! And there's a few options depending on your budget. Tell me what your struggle is with nutrition and what your goals are fitness-wise. I'd love to have you join us!"

Denise: "Well since breaking up with my ex and moving out on my own I've found that I've gained about 8 or so pounds. And it's definitely not helping me break back into singledom. LOL. My struggle is usually waiting until I'm hungry and then not having stuff prepared and then just eating out or eating something that's not the best option. That and waiting until I'm STARVING to eat and then over eating (and portions) Fitness wise I'd love to lose about 12-15lbs, maybe more once I get there, and to just tone up and be able to feel comfortable in my own body. BTW, to answer your question from before, my mom is doing GREAT..."

Kirsti: "Aww, I'm glad your family is doing well!! It sounds like this program would be perfect for you! Let me start out by telling you about Shakeology. It's been my lifesaver and such a great solution for busy lives. It is a meal replacement shake but different than any other protein shake in that it has 9 servings of fruits and vegetables and superfoods from all over the world to help your body function at its best. It helps with healthy weight loss, improves digestion, curbs cravings and really helps with my energy lever. The plan is called 21 day fix and incorporates both fitness & nutrition. So the nutrition side of it is drinking Shakeology for one meal a day (probably breakfast) and then you get these color coded containers that teach how to eat a balanced meal and portion control (what fits in the containers you get, if it doesn't, save for tomorrow!) The fitness side is 30 minutes a day and you will get a workout program on discs to do from home (which is another key to success for me!) Our support group is AMAZING and you will love how uplifting everyone is. So depending on your budget, you can do just Shakeology, or just the 21 day fix (which is the containers and the DVDs) but you get a great deal when you get them together in the challenge pack and that gives you EVERYTHING you need to be super successful in reaching your goals. If I sent you a link with a little more info and short video clip about the program, would you watch that?"

Denise: "I'd definitely check it out. Send it over!"

Kirsti: "Ok sounds great! Here it is: Let me know what you think!"

Denise: "The 21 day fix sounds awesome! That is definitely something I'd be interested in. Okay, soooo how much is that? And how much is the Shakeology on top of that and by itself? So individual costs and also on their own."

Kirsti: "It really is such a great program, you will love it! So the program alone is $60. That's for the containers & the DVD's and shaker cup. Shakeology is $129 for a month's supply, which may seem like a big chunk but remember it's your breakfasts for the month, and breaks down to $4 per meal. If you buy Shakeology WITH the 21 day fix program in what's called a Challenge Pack, you get 21 day fix for just $10 more, pus a bonus disc as well :) I'd totally recommend doing this. It's on sale this month and this way you'd have all the tools you need to be successful!

Denise: "So $129 and an additional $10 for the 21 day fix?"

Kirsti: "yes, $140 total for the challenge pack :)"

Denise: "you know what? Let's do it. I'm serious about my health and between this program and yoga I know I can be successful. Plus I can keep on the meal containers and the workouts after the 21 days. The Shakeology I'm not sure that's an every month budget item but I can do it this month. I have a little savings put away for a rainy day and what's more important than healthy right?!"

Kirsti: "Absolutely! Yay!!! I'm so excited for you! You can definitely continue the program forever, there's tons of variety in the workouts so you really won't get bored. As far as the Shakeology, try it for a month then you'll know... if you end up loving it like I do, you could always switch to a coach account for the discount... just something to think about ;)     Here's the link to purchase the kit & I'll enroll you in the group: then click shop, all products, September specials. You should see the 21 day fix Challenge Pack there!! so excited to have you join us!

Denise: "which flavor should I get?"

Kirsti: "Are you a chocolate person? Do you have any issues with dairy?"

Denise: "No issues with dairy and I love chocolate!"

Kirsti: "Definitely chocolate then! I drink the vegan chocolate because the regular gives me gas (sorry TMI!) but the chocolate flavor is delish!! Or if you want some variety you could get a combo box of packets instead of the bulk bag. Only bummer is you get 24 servings instead of 30 but sometimes its nice to have variety."

Denise: "All ordered and ready to go! I decided on chocolate!"

Kirsti: "Awesome, you'll love it! YAY! So excited :)"


Make a list of 100 people and message 5 of them each day this week. Reconnect with those people and keep track of your conversations. Practice these steps and do it often. This process helps to eliminate excuses and objections as you ask the right questions and give suggestions. Remember that when someone says, "no" it usually just means "not right now" Don't take it personally, just move on to the next 5 names. Keep creating conversations and keep inviting!!