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I wanted to give you the opportunity to TRY the workouts that I do DAILY for

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I LOVE these workouts and can't even believe that I have access to all of these from home! Let's workout together for the following two weeks! Yes, you will be able to do all the 400-500 workout programs that I use daily for free during this time!

This is for ANY level of fitness…whether you are a fitness pro…or just starting your journey… there is something in here for everyone! We have weights, cardio, HIIT, yoga, pilates, PIYO, kick boxing, dance…etc etc etc.. TONS to choose from! Most workouts are 25-30 minutes a day so short, effective and to the point!

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If so you can scroll down for the details on how to get into that group and all set up! Because we short on time it’s important to take ACTION on this ASAP and not wait!

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Get Set up with the 30 day FREE Beachbody On Demand (BOD) trial!!

  1. Please get set up with the 30 day FREE BOD trial aka Beachbody on Demand TRIAL!
    • You do have to sign up for our beachbody on demand TRIAL offer …but i’m gonna give you all those details…it’s super simple to do and only takes a few minutes of your time! 
  • And you will click on the 3 month BOD TRIAL offer…so this IS in fact the 30 days of the bod trial…of course it says on there 3 months but that is what you will be charged at day 30 for **IF** you do not go in the next few weeks and CANCEL that…I say if you are worried at all, go and cancel it immediately if that makes you feel more comfortable because honestly if you want to continue on with this BOD workouts and have access to all 700 workouts plus our 3 new programs that launch in 2017…we have a MUCH better deal than that 3 month offer! The info on how to cancel that AFTER you sign up is below just so you have it on hand! We do this because before when people were signing up for the free 30 days…they didn’t realize they were being CHARGED on day 30 without cancelling so we wanted to be SUPER transparent! which i love that about our company! 
  • But first you will pick that 3 month BOD TRIAL offer i mentioned above and then add your CC info there..and check out…there is nothing charged at this time…again you will cancel any auto charges… and so now all you are left with is 30 days of all access to 700 at home workout programs…and we will put together the perfect game plan for you during our two week FREE countdown to summer group!!!!

Info to cancel the auto payment on day 3 info here: 

    •  you will go HERE https://faq.beachbody.com/app/chat/chat_launch/lob/coach/4AFTER you sign up to LIVE CHAT which takes 1 minute to CANCEL any automatic charges that would happen in 30 days from today…just so you have that and can get that done. They are really good about it. You can also call at 800-470-7870 too! 
      — Again, I hope that all made sense for you!!!!! Do you have any questions for me?! Hit me back and let me know! Once you do get set up…please email me back and i will get you into the group!! It is pre kick off week this week! So everyone is going to be downloading their meal plans if they choose and their workout calendar! All workouts are 30 minutes! So makes it super short and simple to follow!!!! I know you will love it! 
      Can’t wait to talk more soon!

There may be some of you like me….you dont like to TRY something…you just go ALL IN lol… and that’s a beautiful thing as well…. and if that is the case and you want to work with me for the next YEAR for less than $15 a month….

Please fill out this application asap! CLICK HERE and I will get back with you on these details!

This means you would get access too all 700 programs…plus the three new ones that launch in 2017! instant free access to those! plus 10% off all other products etc! including shakeology