Frequently Asked Coach Questions

What do I need to do to stay as an "Active Coach"

What do I need to do to qualify for Success Club?

To earn Success Club points: 1 point per Shakeology HD (Home Direct) This means their shakeology will auto ship each month. They also get a discounted $2 shipping, so I always recommend ordering HD and follow up with them in 3 weeks to make sure they want another bag.

You get 2 points for each Challenge Pack. Challenge packs come with a workout program of their choice, and Shakeology, also on autoship with the $2 shipping discount!

Each month, your goal is 5 points!! We also call it the 3 Lives Club because this means you are helping 3 people change their life and be healthier each month!! Here's an awesome video about Success Club, how to earn the trips and prizes each month!!


Where can I learn more about Shakeology and send my potential customers for more information?

How do I build my team and qualify for team cycle bonuses?


How do I get a customer switched over to me so I can be their coach?