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It's time to STEP into your POWER...

This business expansion course is unlike anything I have ever launched before. Everything I have done in the past has brought me to this beautiful place right now. As a Star Diamond Beachbody Coach and Certified Quickening Life & Leadership Coach, I have 6 years of experience helping my clients and challengers to create motivating habits, become disciplined and create a transformation they are truly proud of! And in the process of stepping into our power, there's one vital piece that I have learned to be essential. It goes beyond a mindset shift. It's a whole body; integrated being; powerful internal transformation that radiates off of your entire being and affects your family, your followers, and your team!! Once you learn these concepts and tools, they will permanently change how you live your life!

*"Quickening" means to make faster or hasten. I want to teach you how to create shifts and quicken your life transformation!*

... to create EXPANSION and GROWTH in your business!

This 6 week course will take everything you think you know about how to grow your business, and expand it to a whole new level of transformation.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of this course:

  • Go from being discouraged and overwhelmed with your daily tasks to waking up excited to work your business

  • Discover what you really WANT by uncovering the unconscious motivations in creating your dream life

  • Learn to think outside of the box and become an innovator in your realm

  • Stop being a victim of your feelings and make a greater impact on your team and followers by expressing your authentic self

  • Uncover the surprising reasons why you're stuck and learn how to create a life of freedom

  • Avoid commitment burnout and discover a new perspective to motivate and inspire your team

I want to help you see your life and your business differently, get past all the things that are holding you back, and help you discover your internal power to create new possibilities for tomorrow!

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Fill out the application and make your first deposit of $155 or full payment of $850 to hold your spot in this course!! I will email you instructions on how to pay and access our private group & zoom calls. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Available until 10/26 only: Get $100 off full price and free BONUS 1-1 or Team Building Call!

Testimonial: “Kirsti helped me go from aimlessly working on my business goals, to having a plan, changing my mindset, and living in my values as I grow.” -Dionne


My 5 Commitments to you:

  1. I promise to EMPOWER you to step into your own strength to create rapid growth & movement toward your goals! Let's do it!!

  2. I promise to show up AUTHENTIC and real. Vulnerability is power!

  3. I promise to create a SAFE place in our private mentorship group and provide SUPPORT to you as needed.

  4. I promise to show up as your MENTOR, will share my insights and coaching with you in a way to uplift & encourage all participants.

  5. I promise to demonstrate EMPATHY as we work through the exercises, to show compassion and love at all levels of growth!

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