Expanding Your Network

“Well I don’t know HOW to bring up coaching to people” is the most frequent statement I get from coaches, and also “I don’t want to be too forward”. I admit, I was terrified at this when I first started… and TRUST me, I still sometimes get nervous about it… but when I changed my mindset is when it all got easier.

What I mean by this is instead of thinking “what is this person going to think of me when I approach this topic?” or “I don’t want to be embarrassed by a ‘no’”… I now think: “how awesome would this be if this opportunity could change ____’s life by ____,” … how cool would it be to be the person that gave someone the opportunity to change their lives?!? I get a TON of “no’s”. But BELIEVE ME, every single “no” is truly just a “not right now.” It happens SO often- I will hear back from someone I spoke with MONTHS ago about the opportunity, who just recently got back to me saying, “I’m ready now!” And I completely understand that because we ALL have our timing, just like I did!

Step 1: GET over YOURSELF

Get over the fear of rejection

Get over the fear that someone is going to look at you and think you’re trying to ‘sell’ them on something

NOTE: If your first message to them is about a program or product then YES you will give them that feeling of trying to ‘sell’ them – so don’t make it about the program/product in your first message. Make it about THEM!

1.) If you’re reaching out to an old friend/colleague/family member that you haven’t talked to in awhile but you’ve seen them post about wanting to get in to shape, or about a BB program or you just know they’d be interested start with a simple “Hey____! How are things going? I haven’t talked to you in awhile so I thought I’d check in and see how you were.”

Let THEM talk – you want be asking questions to let them talk to you and tell YOU whats going on in THEIR life.

Be INTERESTED -not interesting! Your LIKE page or profile page is where you’re interesting – messages is where you’re INTERESTED.

2.) If its someone you talk to on a regular basis you can be a little more up front and ask them about the post you saw them put up or if they’ve looked more in to starting their fitness/weight loss journey, etc.

The important thing to remember with messaging is to remember to be REAL and to think of yourself in that persons shoes. If they messaged you and said what you were saying to them – how would you feel? Would you feel like they CARED or were just SELLING to you?



Promote your post on Facebook-this is a way to get people you don’t know to like your page….but then its up to YOU to message those new likes with something like “Hey___! I saw you liked my like page….so I thought I’d message you and say thanks. Are you into nutrition/fitness as well?” (Yes, this costs $ but its SO WORTH IT to reach out to more people and make that potential sale!)

Use other social networking sites!

Instagram: Use hashtags on your pics to bring people to YOUR pics/follow you. SEARCH other hashtags. Block out some time and just search! I did this last night and already found 3 prospects from ‘carbcycling’ and “homeworkouts_4u” or other accounts that do shout outs for fitness people

Pinterest: Link your pictures to your LIKE page. You can insert your page link to the pics you put up so when people click they get sent to your FB LIKE page!

Twitter: There’s still a ton of people on twitter and this is an area a lot of coaches miss out on! If you don’t want to actively use Twitter you can always set up your Instagram to cross-post your IG posts to your Twitter account! Something is better than nothing! 

Blogging: Start up a blog to pull in new people! Share recipes, quick workouts, Beachbody info, etc!

YouTube: If you’re good on camera USE THIS AVENUE!

FREE! Offer people free SHAKEO samples if they get 2 friends to like your page.
Be creative with your posts to get your audience (who obviously loves you and your posts) to help you out!

Don’t overlook the small things!

There are people all around you who are reaching out for help and you may be missing it. Whether it be in your newsfeed posts, on responses to your posts, in your day to day life – don’t overlook these!

You should be working to add at least 5 people to your contact list DAILY through each of the above ways…SO either messaging 5 people from your LIKE page, or following 5 people on instagram and liking a few of these pics etc. —> Want the biz to move faster? Up it to 10!

The thing with branching out is that you NEED TO BE CONSISTENTLY DOING THIS – you cant just do it every once in awhile – or do it once a month and think you’re growing to grow your business overnight. You have to be EVERY day doing 1 or all of the above things consistently!


1.) NEW COACHES -you want to have a list of AT LEAST 50-100 people you’ve come in to contact with in the last several years (use fb friends to help) that you can be messaging like the examples above. You should be messaging 2-3 people PER DAY after your first week as a coach. If you want the business to move faster then REACH OUT TO MORE. This is something that is in YOUR POWER to do!

Today's HOMEWORK: Make a list of 10 people you would like on your team… your DREAM TEAM, people who are uplifting and would bring positivity & strenth to your team! Save this and watch it evolve over your growth of your business. It is SO cool to see this change and come to fruition! -NOW, REACH out to 5 of them presenting the opportunity. Explain WHY you love what you do, WHY you want them on your team, and WHY they would benefit from this opportunity (stay at home mom, more income, personal development, improve physical health, etc.). Here's a great script you can use:

{Hey, ___!I know this seems crazy, but I was putting some things on paper, and was getting excited about some things happening in my coaching business, and your name popped right into my head! I just think you would make SUCH an amazing addition to my coaching team because _____, and I wanted to reach out to you! Would you be interested in some information about it?}
{Hi _____! I have really enjoyed having you in our challenge group! I love seeing your posts & so proud of you for _____. Have you ever considered coaching? I would love to tell you about it if you're interested. We get an amazing discount on all Beachbody products & programs (including Shakeology) and can make a great income helping others. Let me know if you'd like more details!}
{I've been meaning to ask you have you ever considered doing what I'm doing with coaching? I think you would be a great coach because _____. I'm running a 5 day free sneak peak look into what we do as fitness coaches and would love to have you join us! You get to meet some of my team and others that are interested in coaching. Let me know either way…this business has changed my life and I'd love to help you out.} 

2.) New coaches and older coaches… Say you’ve worked your way through your friends/family/co workers… Well, now its time to start connecting with MORE PEOPLE – NEW PEOPLE!!

Step 3: If you BUILD it they will COME!

Your profile page or like page is where YOU get to broadcast who YOU are…how amazing YOU are. Show how your team is growing, show what our challenge groups are doing!

Stop being afraid to show your true colors!
Post about your different hobbies! For instance with me its being a MOM, loving fashion, crafting, homeschooling, etc. And also that I’m NOT perfect, I have a busy life, but I try to develop healthy habits. I’m a work in progress, etc!
The posts that I get the most likes on or comments is when I’m being my REAL self – when I’m sharing who the real KIRSTI is!

You need to be posting GREAT CONTENT so that people WANT to comment and share your posts:
-inspirational work out pics (more original the better)
-myth and facts about fitness
-fashion advice
-funny cards

You want to shoot for having 1 post per day to get a LOT OF LIKES (ex: fitness progress picture, 1 post per day to get a lot of comments(ex: asking for advice on something) 1 post per day to get a lot of shares(on my page its ECARDS & Recipes)

On IG: always hashtagging a TON of different hashtags, searching them and LOOKING for others!

You need to be CONSISTENTLY every 3-4 hours posting something that will either get you likes, comments or shares. If you do not consistently post on your page – your followers will not consistently follow you. You need to be VISIBLE to them!


YOU are amazing…and you are part of an AMAZING team that is here to support your and help you 100%!
-Stop telling yourself—you CAN’T be the next “top coach”! YOU CAN. There is nothing that they have that you don’t have. The one thing that they are doing that you may not be doing is CONSISTENTLY GETTING OVER THEMSELVES AND BRANCHING OUT. They know they have an amazing opportunity that they can share with others- not because they’re successful-but because they believe in the company and what it can do for not only them, but for others, others who don’t know what the future holds but know that if they just continue to consistently do what I told you above to do there will be movement in their business!