Diamond Training Series

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to participate in this Diamond CEO Training to grow your business! The next 30 days will be filled with activities that were specifically designed to teach you how to successfully develop your Team Beachbody Business to Diamond status!  I look forward to helping you through this training system.

It is important that you have participated in the Emerald Training to establish your foundation.  If you have not, please go through that first.  It is critical to your success that you communicate with me daily through email, texts, or phone calls. And always feel welcome to contact me throughout this training.

Your 30-Day Goals:

It is vital that you embrace these goals and work toward them with focus and consistency. Achieving them will put you in the fast-lane to success that many others have experienced.  Together we will help you achieve the following:

  • Increase your over all commissions
  • Promote to Diamond Coach rank
  • Earn Success Club 5 or 10
  • Establish your next Challenge Group
  • Read the book "Go Pro" by Eric Worre

Your Commitments:

You will need to commit to the following activities to accomplish your goals.  We have found that those who keep these commitments throughout the training were successful in achieving their goals.

  • Commit to engage in the daily activites and complete all 30 days of the program 
  • Check in daily with me through email, text or phone calls
  • Complete your Business Activity Tracker each week and email it to me

Diamond Training Series