Confidence & Empowerment Course


We are constantly bombarded by expectations, anxiety, fears & worries of the future, chaos from too-busy lifestyles, negativity, self-doubt and emotions that are hard to deal with 
These thoughts are overtaking our brains and slowly start to become part of our subconscious beliefs. Want to start changing your life? Change the way you think about yourself, and the way you talk to yourself.💖

It's time to identify your strengths & weaknesses, and get clear on how you can apply your talents to create a lifestyle you love. We will take a closer look at the choices you are making daily, and establish a routine of healthy habits that will boost your self confidence and recognize the power you have within you to live the life you love.

I truly LOVE this part of what I do as a movement & transformation coach! I get to experience the breakthroughs, the aha moments, and be part of celebrating the victories we experience in our lives as we strive to face our fears and let our inner awesome shine through!!

3 Week Confidence Coaching Course

This 3 week course is specifically designed for anyone who is struggling to find peace in our decisions & relationships, for everyone who wants to focus on positive thinking, and anyone who is striving to find more joy daily and willing to make necessary changes to create a life of empowerment!

You will receive a workbook full of guided journaling and worksheets that coordinate with each week's session! This course is made up of three recorded sessions and a BONUS one-on-one session with me, for personalized guidance that you can choose to take at the beginning of your course as you kick off this challenge or at the end of the course, so I can help you connect these principles to your life!

WEEK 1: it's time to REALIZE your POTENTIAL: We will take a closer look at your strengths and weaknesses and get really clear on the values you want to establish in your life, then create a daily empowerment statement that will become your new affirmation. It's time to re-program the negative thinking with a new set of beliefs to help you see your potential and create the life you are meant to live! 

WEEK 2: CONFIDENCE is your SUPER POWER! Let's go one step further and take positive thinking into productive ACTION! There are a lot things in life we can't control, but our choices are not one of them. It's time to make a plan and stand in our power as we create a daily First 5//Last 5 system to start and end your day with empowerment and belief in yourself! Now you will begin to see the power of positive thinking, the strength that comes from making positive choices, and the mindset shift that comes as we learn and grow and are willing to go outside of our comfort zone to experience more fulfillment in life.

WEEK 3: OPERATION: face your fears!! We know that as we go outside of our comfort zone, we will learn and grow ONLY if we are willing to take that risk, and be teachable along the way. This step by step process will help you to be willing to take more risks, acquire more confidence before you do something scary, and how to learn from the experiences and failures along the way. By week 3, it'l be time to put this course to the test as you step outside of your comfort zone and do something you've been wanting to do but haven't yet had the confidence. YOU will be ready now!

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