Confidence & Empowerment Course


We are constantly bombarded by expectations, anxiety, fears & worries of the future, chaos from too-busy lifestyles, negativity, self-doubt and emotions 
These thoughts are overtaking our brains and slowly start to become part of our subconscious beliefs. Want to start changing your life? Change the way you think about yourself, and the way you talk to yourself.💖

It's time to identify your strengths & weaknesses, and get clear on how you can apply your talents to create a lifestyle you love,

I truly LOVE this part of what I do as a movement & transformation coach! I get to experience the breakthroughs, the aha moments, and be part of celebrating the victories we experience in our lives as we strive to face our fears and let the inner awesome shine through!!



3 Week Semi-Private Confidence Coaching Group

This 3 week course is specifically designed for anyone who is struggling to find peace in our decisions & relationships, for everyone who wants to focus on positive thinking, and anyone who is striving to find more joy daily!

We will meet Wednesday mornings at 11am PST to come together as a group of leaders to collaborate and work side by side to conquer our goals. We will create daily affirmations centered around money, success & wealth, discuss how to release any blocks associated with money, and help you to shift your mindset to create the wealth you desire. As a group we will share breakthroughs and share how our key values, like gratitude, peace and community (just to name a few) allow us to use our own talents & abilities to make our vision a reality!

Because this is an exclusive small group, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with me and have one on one help & guidance to connect these principles to your life!  Apply below to join!