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As a Beachbody Coach, our job is to help other people establish their goals. I love our mission statement that is "helping other people live healthy, happy lifestyles" I believe in this mission and I am excited to pay it forward as much as I can since we have created a better lifestyle through Beachbody. Below I answer some Frequently Asked Questions about being a Coach!


Q. Why do you have to pay $15 per month for your website?

A: You are actually getting 3 websites that are completely set up for you, all you do is add your picture & bio so that it is personalized. You also get all the "back office" covered as well. Think about if you had to start your own business. (Which is what being a coach is. You are you OWN BOSS.) You'd have to design your website (which costs a lot of $ AND time) and keep track of all your customers, orders, info, handle shipping, purchase inventory... This is all done for you. You don't have to have any inventory on hand, you don't have to ship out products. You don't have to create spreadsheets with customer's info and order history... this is all done for you!

Q. What happens if you don't get any orders?

A. Nothing. You don't have to "sell" a certain amount, or hit any base amount of orders or anything like that. We do set goals, and get rewarded by our customers and challenge members (25% commission) plus there is an amazing rewards program, called Success Club that gives monthly prizes and can earn free trips!

Q. How much $ do you spend by being a coach?

A. The only thing you need to pay for to stay an active coach is your shakeology each month. Normally it is $129 for customers ($4 per serving/ you get $30 per order each month) For coaches, the price is $97 ($3 per shake!) Really you are saving money on your food! And your coach fee is $15. So just by being a coach you SAVE $15 per month to be able to drink Shakeology daily! IF at any time you wanted to put your shakeology on hold, you become "inactive" and could cancel at any time if you decide it isn't right for you. You will always have the freedom to pause/postpone your Shakeology at any time. 

Q. How much money do you actually bring in?

A. This totally depends on what you are doing as a coach. When I first started, I was excited to get a $50/$75 check each week (We get paid weekly, which is nice. Weekends start early for me since we get paid on Thursdays!) Now I am bringing in about $300 a week (over $1,000 a month!!) I remember when our upline coach Brandi Botts just earned her highest paycheck $10,000 in a week. This year at Summit she was recognized for being in the Millionaire's Club. Crazy. And totally possible! I always say that what you put in it is what you will get out of it. (which leads very well to the next question!)

Q. How much time do you spend encouraging, working, texting, facebooking the clients weekly?

A. First of all I love how Laura used the word "encouraging" This is the biggest part of our job AND the most rewarding! We are here to help others see their potential, to realize that they are worth it and then to motivate them as they are on their journey. Most of our work is "Behind the scenes" and done in messages or face to face with friends. If you have been in our challenge groups, you see everything else. Lots of encouraging, motivating, and celebrating our successes!! Time- when I first started our I set a goal to spend an hour a day. Now I am doing more like 2/3 but it is completely your call. We actually have a POWER HOUR to do list to help new coaches stay focused and on track (hard to run a business through facebook with so many distractions!) And helps us know what to accomplish each day to be successful!

Q. How will I learn it all? Where will I find my customers?

Our team is an amazing group of men & women who are all very supportive and helpful. I provide a training series for new coaches as well as coaches who are working to increase in rank and build their business. We talk about leadership, how to reach your ideal market, what to post, time management, how to make your dreams a reality... the bottom line is anything is possible in this business! I've seen my coaches go from shy introverts to outgoing, motivated, successful coaches. I've seen working moms leave their full time jobs to come home and earn more through coaching than at their 9-5 job. I've seen coaches pay off all their credit card debt and purchase their dream home (We just paid off ALL of our debt this year because of Beachbody!) Anything is possible and I'm here to help you make your dreams a reality!

I decided to be a Beachbody Coach because I watched my husband's transformation and was able to see that as he changed physically, he changed on the inside too. He became happier as he was healthier. He was a better husband, a more involved father, a more productive person. As I witnessed this, I realized that I have the power to help other people experience that same thing and help their family receive these same blessings. This is what drives and encourages me to help others become healthier and strive to live a better life!

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I would LOVE to get to know you and see if you would make a great addition to our team! We need more motivated and passionate people who are willing to help others by motivating them and encouraging them to reach their goals!