Asking the Right Questions:

When I am talking to someone and the topic of getting healthy comes up, I think it's better to ask them lots of questions instead of do all the talking! We need to show them that we are interested in them, not just trying to be interesting!

Here are some key questions that I ask:

Tell me a little about your health journey so far.

After they have replied back, or if you are talking in person, when they are done telling you what they have been through, comment about their journey and find any common experiences. People want to know that they are being heard, and just by listening and allowing them to tell you about their journey, they are beginning to trust you.

What would you say are your fitness goals moving forward?

Once you have found out their goals, make suggestions about which fitness programs would fit their needs. I'm sure they've told you that it's hard to get to the gym, or that they don't have a lot of time, so telling them about T25 or 21 day fix that have 30 minute workouts would be a great way to help them solve that problem. Tell them what you're currently doing and what you enjoy doing. If they are local, invite them to workout with you!

What is your biggest struggle with nutrition?

This is a great transition question once you have talked about fitness/working out and their goals. Now you are shifting to nutrition, which is definitely the hardest part for most people.

Once they tell you what their biggest challenge is with nutrition, you can explain to them how Shakeology is the perfect solution.

-Maybe they don't have a lot of time to meal prep-- how about a $4 meal that is quick to make and super healthy!

-They don't get enough fruit & veggies in each day-- Shakeology contains 9 servings of fruit & veggies!

-They have a hard time deciding what to make/what's healthy-- we can provide a 30 day meal plan that includes healthy meals & snacks to help take the guesswork out of nutrition!

-They crave sweets and love chocolate-- Shakeology gives me my chocolate "fix" each day and curbs our cravings!

-They constantly over eat and have trouble with portion control-- we have a nutrition system that helps with portion control with color-coded containers and helps to make sure we eat a balanced diet! 

Would you like to join our Challenge Group?

Now you can help them see that we offer challenge packs that will help them solve all the problems faced when trying to get healthier. They can get a discount by getting a fitness program and Shakeology together, and along with our challenge groups where they will receive tons of encouragement and support, they have everything they need to be successful in achieving their goals that they just explained to you!

Building Relationships & Starting Conversations:

Watch this great video about how to start conversations by asking questions and building relationships.