3 Vital Behaviors of Beachbody:

Today we wanted to talk about the 3 vital behaviors of Beachbody!
-Invite, Invite, Invite
-Be a product of the product
-Personal Development

This week we will go into more detail about each category but for today, watch this video and make sure that you accomplish each task every day. Your most basic to-do list should these items
1. Write down the names of 3 people personally invited to your challenge group OR that you invited to do something with you today.
2. Check in to your accountability group- what workout you did, what flavor Shakeology you had
3. Spend at least 10 minutes reading or listening to something uplifting 

Doing each of these 3 vital behaviors everyday is, well... vital!! These are the behaviors that we do as a Coach to share what we love, work on our own transformation, and become a leader!

Watch this video for more information about the 3 Vital Behaviors and how to incorporate them into your day EVERY day!!