It takes 21 day to make a habit...

I don't know about you, but it takes me awhile to create a habit, and truly KEEP it. My day is jam-packed with good things- taking the kids to school, tidying up the house, preschool projects with my 4 year old, blogging our daily events, picking up the kids, taking them to practices and scouts events, homework time, free-play while I prep dinner, make dinner, recover from dinner, baths/showers, reading time, bedtime and then we do it all again tomorrow! (ok, now I'm exhausted.) I mean, that's a lot of things I do for OTHERS, but I haven't had much ME time.  I used to think that taking time for myself was selfish. Now I know that when we take time for ourselves, we have more to give others.

Do you feel like you are just giving, giving, and don't take time for yourself? That is so normal, especially for us moms who's sole purpose is to keep the kids alive at the end of each day (only exaggerating a little bit here...)

I want to invite you to take the 21 day CHALLENGE to a better, stronger, happier YOU. In this challenge, we will incorporate both fitness & nutrition to help you feel better, have more energy, establish good habits, and reach those health goals you've been putting off due to the craziness of mommyhood... it's time!

So here is the fitness portion: 30 minutes a day of working out at home. Workouts include a variety of cardio, with & without weights, lower body, upper body, total body, yoga, pilates and even a 10 minute ab workout (because we all have those crazy days!) Being able to workout from home makes all the difference for me!

rocktober 21 day fix.jpg

This program also includes these color coded containers that give us portion control guidance, and I will give you a 21 day meal plan that is customizable to your goals. You can follow the meal plan exactly or use it as a guide for healthy snack and meal ideas! We eat 5 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones, and one of the meals each day includes an ultra-nutritious shake full of dense superfoods that will help you lose weight, leave you with more energy, improve digestion and control junk-food cravings. It's a combination for success. Not only will you have all the resources you need to be successful, but will be added to our amazing support group for tons of support & motivation to reach your goals!

Here's a video you can watch for more information about how this program works and see some success stories! You can see MY story HERE.

Ready to join our 21 day Support Group?

Just purchase the Challenge Pack which includes everything you need to be Successful in achieving your goals:

  • complete workout program on DVD + a bonus workout
  • nutrition guide and the color coded portion control containers
  • month's supply of Shakeology in your flavor choice
  • shaker cup
  • 30 days of our Club Membership which allows you to stream TONS of different workouts on your smart device. You can start your workouts right when you purchase this, don't have to wait for everything to be shipped!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success

Once you have purchased the program, I will send you an email with how to join our private support group!

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